Weekly Epidemiological Report

December 2019 Week 52


NCDC Network of Public Health Laboratories

Posted: 13-01-2020 03:15:38 PM

A functional laboratory for diagnosis is an important function managed by national public health institutes. A public health laboratory is critical for the detection, confirmation and response to disease outbreaks, as well as support to routine surveillance activities

Prior to 2016, Nigeria did not have a functioning reference laboratory for the diagnosis of many infectious diseases. This meant samples had to be sent abroad for diagnosis which led to a delay in turn-around time and affected response activities.

Since 2016, the NCDC has made progress in developing and maintaining the National Reference Laboratory and a network of public health laboratories.

The NCDC National Reference Laboratory (NRL) coordinates a network of public health laboratories in Nigeria. Through the NRL, the NCDC collaborates with 37 laboratories divided into five laboratory networks for the diagnosis of epidemic prone diseases across 28 states in Nigeria. These are:

1. Yellow fever, measles and rubella network: 6 laboratories

2. Cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) and cholera network: 18 laboratories

3. Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) network: 12 laboratories

4. Lassa fever/other VHFs network: 4 laboratories

5. Influenza network: 5 laboratories and 4 sentinel sites

Each laboratory network functions as a partnership between NCDC and the institution where the laboratory is established. While NCDC provides technical expertise; supply chain management; training and capacity building of workforces; and other support, the institution provides skilled manpower, adequate infrastructure and other critical support needed for the laboratories to effectively function.

One of the major priorities for NCDC in 2019, is to support states in establishing State Public Health Laboratories. These laboratories will provide primary public health diagnostic support for the states, with the capacity to test for diseases like cholera and meningitis.

The NCDC remains committed to ensuring that Nigeria has a strong public health laboratory network for prompt diagnosis, and adequate response to disease outbreaks.

Summary of Incidents


1. Information for this disease was retrieved from the Technical Working Group and Situation Reports

2. Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for this disease is reported for confirmed cases only

3. Information for this disease was retrieved from IDSR 002 data

4. CFR for this disease is reported for total cases i.e. suspected + confirmed

5. Information for sentinel influenza was retrieved from the laboratory

Lassa Fever

Key points

• There were 93 suspected cases of Lassa Fever (LF) reported from 16 LGAs in nine states and FCT (Edo – 25, Ondo – 41, Ebonyi – 15, Bauchi – 5, Adamawa – 1, Kogi – 1, Enugu – 2, Cross River – 1, FCT – 1 & Katsina – 1). There were 16 confirmed cases and four deaths were recorded (Ebonyi – 2, Ondo – 1, Bauchi – 1)


To date:

• National Lassa Fever multi-sectoral Technical Working Group (TWG) continues to coordinate response activities and support states

• Continuous monitoring of LF situation in states

• Reviewed LF case management and surveillance tools, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


• Finalise advocacy packages for national and subnational policy/decision makers

• Harmonise LF laboratory, case management and surveillance data with that of Surveillance Outbreak Response Management Analysis System (SORMAS)

Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM)

Key points

There were seven suspected cases of Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) reported from five LGAs in four states (Kano – 1, Katsina – 2, Kebbi – 2 & Yobe – 2). None was laboratory confirmed and no death was recorded


To date:

• National CSM Technical Working Group (TWG) meets weekly to review reports from states and plan appropriately

• Enhanced surveillance in all states

• Developed 2019/2020 CSM preparedness and response plan


• Continue harmonisation of the national line list and SORMAS data

Yellow Fever

Key points

• There were 33 suspected cases of yellow fever (YF) reported from 28 LGAs in 16 states. None was laboratory confirmed and no death was recorded


To date:

• National YF TWG continues to coordinate response activities


• Follow up on outcome of International Coordinating Group (ICG) request for vaccination


Key points

• There were nine suspected cases of cholera reported from three LGAs in two states (Adamawa – 5 & Kaduna – 4). None was laboratory confirmed and no death was recorded


To date

• National cholera multi-sectoral TWG continues monitoring all states and supporting already affected states


• Ensure that reporting states conduct rapid diagnostic test/culture test and send line list of all reported cases to the national level


Key points

• There were 209 suspected cases of measles reported from 72 LGAs in 19 states. None was laboratory confirmed and three deaths were recorded


To date

• National measles TWG is closely monitoring surveillance data and response activities across the country


• Continue the review of measles surveillance data across the country

• Finalise measles surveillance guideline

• Review implementation of sentinel sites for congenital rubella syndrome in Nigeria


Key points

• There were no suspected cases of monkeypox reported this week


• National monkeypox TWG is monitoring activities in all states

• Off-site support to affected states


• Enhance surveillance for monkeypox in high burden states, working with the animal health colleagues.

Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP)

Key points

• There were 55 suspected cases of AFP reported from 48 LGAs in 21 states and FCT. None was laboratory confirmed and no death was recorded

National Influenza Sentinel Surveillance

Key points

There were 82 processed samples positive for influenza, with 68 for influenza A, 13 for influenza B and 1 for influenza A & B

Timeliness and Completeness of Reports

Timeliness and Completeness of Reports by State

Highlight of the week

  • Summary of Incidents
  • Lassa Fever
  • Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM)
  • Yellow Fever
  • Cholera
  • Measles
  • Monkeypox
  • Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP)
  • National Influenza Sentinel Surveillance
  • Timeliness and Completeness of Reports
  • Timeliness and Completeness of Reports by State

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