At the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, preparedness covers all activities aimed at strengthening the ability of the institution to mitigate and respond to disease outbreaks and other forms of health emergencies.

Working with the framework of the World Health Organization, the IHR provides a framework for the governance of the preparedness process. The core capacities being developed in Nigeria’s preparedness include: Coordination, Rapid Response Team, Public Awareness and Community Engagement, Infection Prevention and Control, Case Management, Epidemiological Surveillance, Laboratory, Points of Entry and Logistics.

Our activities on preparedness can be divided into: Action Planning and Capacity Building.

The NCDC reviews core preparedness activities and continue to organize ourselves, resources and environments to the realities of Nigeria. All of these organizing activities culminate in a research and planning. These planning documents and research outputs continue to help us course the process of protecting the lives of Nigerians. Review sessions are held from time to time to check performance and emerging challenges and opportunities.

The NCDC also organizes local capacity around the fulfillment of our preparedness plans. We work with partners to ensure that skilled personnel, that can coordinate the process of mitigation and response to health emergencies, are available across the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory. We hope to focus on the capacity gaps in the country and work within the existing structures of the NCDC, the Federal Ministry of Health and other agencies under the ministry of health to ensure Nigeria has competence compliments of persons to serve the process of healthcare protections of her citizens and her territory.

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