3rd Annual Disease Surveillance Review Meeting (ADSRM), Kano Nigeria

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control is organising its 3rd Annual Disease Surveillance Review Meeting (ADSRM) with the Theme "TRANSFORMING PUBLIC HEALTH SURVEILLANCE - PRIORITIES AND INNOVATIONS."

This 3-day meeting is scheduled to hold in Kano, Kano State from 4th - 6th of April 2018.


Information and communication technology has revolutionized efficient health-related communication and epidemic intelligence. However, the need to address the gaps that make the deployment and effective implementation of these systems in Nigeria need to be addressed. This annual surveillance meeting provides an opportunity to review the outcome of the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) for Nigeria in the relevant areas and identify solutions which can improve surveillance activities across the country.

The need to review and establish the contributions of the other technical components of the public health systems, including the laboratory, specialised risk areas and public health research as well as strengthening inter-sectoral collaboration by all the One Health stakeholders is an urgent need.

The objectives of the meeting include:

• To achieve a shared understanding of an inter-operable, interconnected real time surveillance system driving response activities in Nigeria

• Disseminate, review and take responsibility for implementing recommendations from the 2017 Joint External Evaluation of International Health Regulations (IHR 2005).

• Review surveillance and response activities relating to priority diseases in the country in 2017

• Share best practice, improve networking and facilitate information sharing among stakeholders


• Better understanding of challenges faced by each state regarding surveillance activities and operations as well as proposing solutions.

• Provide update on global trends and innovations for the public health community in the country

• Ensure an improved understanding of the process towards a more effective surveillance and response system across the country and highlight the usefulness of real time surveillance tools

• A shared vision of an interconnected, interoperable, real time surveillance system for Nigeria.

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