Surveillance and Epidemiology

This Directorate collects, collates and analyses data on priority diseases from the 36 states and FCT to detect outbreaks and inform policy. This is done through the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response strategy. The Team implements the International Health Regulation (IHR) cross-border coordination, verification, and notification, ensuring the health security of the country. On every Tuesday of the week, the Team releases the National Weekly Epidemiological Report (HTTP://¬).

The Surveillance Directorate also has an event-based surveillance system, detecting and verifying rumors relating to diseases and outbreaks. It is also in the process of digitization of its reporting system, with the first phase currently active in 16 of the 36 States in Nigeria.

Co-ordinated by the Surveillance Directorate, Nigeria completed the voluntary Joint External Evaluation of her International Health Regulations capacities in June 2017, one of about 44 countries globally that have completed this process.

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